40 years Musical Activities in Spain.                            
(very interesting photographic document in PDF format with very few text in Spanish)                                   

        Born in 1944, Michael Reckling began  his  artistic career
early. At age 15 he was  already playing works of J.S.Bach at
the some important cathedral  organs  in Germany.   He was
also the director of the theatre group and music band at his
boarding school Schule Schloss Salem in Germany.

       At age 19, he was admitted  to  the Dramatic Arts Academy
of Frankfurt under the direction of Klaus Kinsky, thus combining
this facet  of  his  education  with  his  studies  of  film  direction
and  photography  at  the  renowned ARRIFLEX of Munich,  and
at  the  School for  Superior Studies of Film,  Photography and

                                      In 1966 he decided to live in Spain and began working in Madrid for Spanish Television. At the same time Michael Reckling started taking family portraits of many people he met during his work for  Spanish Television  in different cities.    His most artistic portaits became soon in very great demand.

Michael Reckling also visited the largest organs in Spain and played  organ recitals  at the
Basilicas of the Monastery El Escorial
(Madrid) and the Valle de los Caidos, at the Montjuich Palace in Barcelona and in San Sebastián at the Cathedral Buen Pastor and the Basilica Santa María.

In 1969,  while his artistic photographs  were being exhibited  in a show at  the new Marbella
Hilton Hotel,  he discovered the  town of Marbella.  Attracted by  the overwhelming  beauty of
the  place   Michael Reckling   decided  to  take  up  residence  in  one  of  the  town's  oldest
and  most  illustrious  homes  located  in the historic Orange Square,  across  the square from the City Hall and just beside the main church of Marbella.

            A  passionate  organist,  he  visited  all  churches  nearby
and was notably taken by the outstanding acoustics of Marbella's
main church. The idea came to him that a great organ should be
built thus  providing residents  and visitors alike  the  opportunity
to hear cassical music in this unique setting. Monseñor Rodrigo
,  Pastor of  the church at  the time,  was  enthusiastic
about the  idea and  signed the contract  in 1971 for the construc-
tion of a major concert  organ of 5000 pipes, the  Organo del Sol
. Thus one of  Michael Reckling's  most cherished  dreams
came true when  he himself had  the honour of playing the inau-
gural concert  in 1975.   With  its  5000 pipes  it is one of the most
important organs built in Spain in the 20th century.

          Excellent CD produced with Spain's leading concert organist Pilar Cabrera.
Organo del Sol Mayor
- Marbella -

          Between 1971 and 1980, Michael Reckling compiled an Image Bank of   Marbella and
its surrounding  areas,  and  shortly  afterwards  founded  Michael Reckling Studios  under-
taking the production of audiovisual assignments for tourism promotion in Spain and Brazil.

      In 1989 the  Image Bank  was  enlarged
to include information on Spain, Brazil and
Puerto Rico ,    thanks   to    his   team   of
Michael Reckling Studios.

      Despite   being   occupied   with   these
projects, Michael Reckling manages to find
time  to act  in film  and television  produc-
tions:  Brigada Antivicio      El Comisario,
Operación Gonada,  Ala-Dina, Periodistas,
Todos los Hombres sois iguales,  La Casa
de los Lios,

Michael Reckling - Actor in Spain - Hompage

            In 1990 Michael Reckling presented to The King and Queen of Spain  his audiovisual production  AGES OF MANKIND  at Burgos Cathedral during a private opening ceremony for one of Spain's largest art exhibitions, LAS EDADES DEL HOMBRE (Ages of Mankind).

            Since 1996,  part of  this extensive Image Bank  has been  digitalized  and it  is now possible to see some of his most outstanding photographs at www.magicSpain.com.  

            In the last 40 years Michael Reckling has always promoted classic organ music and the construction and installation of new pipe organs and digital organs in Spain.
            The music recorded of these instruments and of many other outstanding concerts can be found at Michael Reckling's website www.el-Organo.com.

40 years Musical Activities in Spain.
(interesting photographic document in PDF format with very few text in Spanish)

250 pupils of different schools from Valladolid...
 2008 - 2009 / Discover the magic of Valladolid's Cathedral and its two organs...
An educational program with auditions, directed by Michael Reckling
with the colaboration of concert organist Pilar Cabrera.

Michael Reckling is the promotor of the new 4-manual Valladolid Cathedral Organ
and the artistic director and organizer of Valladolid's Cathedral concerts:
Música en la Catedral

PILAR CABRERA performing at Valladolid Cathedral

Pilar Cabrera has inaugurated the new 4-manual Organ at Valladolid's Cathedral.

Messages for Michael Reckling

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