With these IN MEMORIAM pages I want to pay tribute to my friend Jean-Philippe,
who came to Spain in 2010 for the first time for the anual revision
of the Allen Quantum organ of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Valladolid.
This is how we became friends, him, my family and I, a friendship that ended with his death.

Together with a professional computer technician we have been able to edit 41 videos, many audio recordings
and a gallery of unpublished photographs of Jean-Philippe's different stays in Valladolid.

All of this has cost me a lot of time and also money.
But I want to continue spending so that the pages are always visible to everyone.
For this reason I encourage all family members, friends and admirers of Jean-Philippe
to buy via PayPal the only existing Double CD with 20 of his best improvisations,
playing the large Allen organ at the Cathedral of Valladolid.
In this way everybody can help to preserve the memory
of Jean-Philippe Le Trévou and the art of his great improvisations.

 I would be very happy if you would write a comment in the Guestbook ...

With my sincere thanks and very best regards,
Michael Reckling.


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